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Asking for help is never easy, but when you know you need a change; working with an experienced personal development coach can get you back on track

Rebecca Schocker

Hi, I'm Rebecca Schocker

Founder of Rebecca's School of Thought and these are my crazy kids!


This is my Story

Growing up in a town I hated and not ever feeling like I fit in, I knew the first chance I got, I would leave. That wasn't the case as I had a baby and it made me feel anchored with my life choices. After struggling to feel like I was trapped, I finally found enough courage to pack myself and my daughter up and leave for college. I decided it was time to break free from my limitations and step into the person I was always meant to be — confident and free to live the life I’ve always imagined. 

Now I’ve turned my transformation into an easy-to-follow system that anyone can use to unlock their potential and start enjoying life like never before.

I don't use the same methodologies as your typical coach, I feel like a lot of that advice can be good, but it doesn't get to the root cause of your suffering. You need a different approach to solving your problems and I offer a unique perspective to help you get there.


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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone's life and goals are different. However, some signs that you may be meant for more include feeling unfulfilled in your current situation, having a strong desire to learn and grow, and feeling like you have more potential than you are currently tapping into. Additionally, if you find yourself constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities, this could be a sign that you are meant for more.

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Mindset coaching is a powerful tool for overcoming limiting beliefs. It involves helping individuals identify their limiting beliefs, challenge them, and replace them with more empowering beliefs. The process involves examining the underlying causes of the beliefs, exploring new perspectives, and developing strategies for making positive changes. Through this process, individuals can learn to recognize and challenge their own limiting beliefs and create new, more empowering beliefs that will help them reach their goals.

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This isn't your typical membership program. I created this membership as a training module. This is an actual program you will use to help you understand your subconscious mind and retrain your thoughts to create more money, more love, better health. Bi-weekly LIVE Coaching. Community, growth, rewire your mindset so you can stop settling and start attracting!

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